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What would a fictional interview with Elon Musk look like?

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

What an interview with Elom Musk would be like, the richest man on the planet, owner of an empire built through tireless persistence to fulfill a purpose. Nothing better to understand him than to use one of his best qualities, his imagination. I will describe here what an interview with Mr Musk would be.

Upon arriving in Hawtthorne, Space X's headquarters, there is a huge white building with huge windows, and in front of it there is a giant parking lot for employees. At its entrance you can see a photo of Crew Dragon docking with the American space station. Upon entering the complex, one is impressed with what is made there, rockets manufactured on a production line. Our conversation took place in the heart of the warehouse, in rooms that had large glass windows, where it was possible to see the entire factory.

When Elon arrived, letting us wait for a few minutes before the scheduled time, I saw him from afar walking through the factory, and in a curious way, he stopped at almost every job, questioning and observing the process in detail. Upon entering, we started talking, and it clearly seemed that this type of interview bothered him. He claimed that he could talk to me for just 20 minutes, that I do it in a way that he could make the most of the time. Then the interview begins:

Question: What is the biggest lesson you learn from your childhood and adolescence in Pretoria, South Africa?

Musk: My childhood and adolescence were not a pleasant time, I was an antisocial voracious reader, however I believe that everything I went through contributed to shaping what I have become today. My qualities like persistence and stubborn vision had their seeds there.

Question: How important is your degree in Physics at the University of Pennsylvania and Business at Wharton to you?

Musk: I can define that Physics potentiates in me the desire to materialize my vision and purpose of contributing to humanity. Wharton enabled me to make goals and objectives that were considered impossible achievable through the financial perspective of each project.

Question: In 1995 you and your brother created Zeep 2 and after 4 years sold it to a big company, Compaq for 300 million dollars. You stand out to the world right now. What was the biggest lesson you learned in this process?

Musk: I learned to be more empathetic, as I hadn't led anyone before, I don't think I was very pleasant. My idea was for Zeep 2 to sell directly to customers, but due to being rough at times, I couldn't convince the board and then we ended up finding a good deal in the company. I was already aiming for bigger flights.

Question: After that, you jumped into Why did you risk almost all your money on a super risky business?

Musk: I did an internship at banks, and I saw how the banking industry is kind of archaic, I wanted to give these tyrannosaurs a shake. In every project I build, I have to be the first to believe and I know that if I give my full potential, I can make it happen, regardless of noise and unforeseen changes in paths.

Question: was sold as Paypal to Ebay in July 2002. You guys created one of the first digital banks in the world, I know you had a troubled time in the beginning. Today the Paypal mafia dominates Silicon Valley, having as former employees the creator of google and youtube. What was the biggest problem you faced there?

Musk: I believe that the biggest obstacle was the regulatory bodies, I didn't give up, at that moment I had already proven myself and I had great confidence that if we made the effort we could bring a revolution to that industry. And that's what happened, I realize that until this moment we haven't had anything sophisticated about it.

Question: After this sale, we see a Musk more like today. What has changed in you since then?

MUsk: I've always been a geek, fascinated by science fiction, and the idea of ​​championing a higher purpose started to disturb me. Everything seen in Silicon Valley was nothing more than “apps” or electronic entertainment equipment. The vision that humanity could go extinct at some point moved me, and as a science fiction aficionado I asked myself a question: Why not colonize other planets? Now just 2 more questions ok?

Question: Space x, Tesla and Solar City are companies that have been around since the mid-2000s. You've gone from being a controversy, or a doubt, to the CEO of environmentally responsible companies that have become profitable. You have become the richest man on the entire planet and the owner of the most valuable automobile company in the world. How do you define this process of breaking paradigms?

Musk: In moments of chaos I don't lose the focus of my vision, the stock market or the economy can wobble, but I keep working. I can see my vision with my eyes closed.

Question: You are now acquiring Twitter for $44 billion, having been the largest shareholder since February. Why invest so much in a business of this scale and value?

Musk: I'm a regular user of Twitter and I've been bothered for a long time by the censorship robots on the platform and other social networks. I believe I can disrupt this market, which in my opinion hasn't changed anything since Orkut.

We have reached the end of our interview, I hope this short fictional interview can give you a sense of what Elon Musk has done and become. It is undeniable that he is controversial, but we cannot snub great achievements from him.



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