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Intro to Global Capital Markets (English or Portuguese)
  • Intro to Global Capital Markets (English or Portuguese)


    Course Description and Objectives:

    Hello, my name is Leonardo Cardoso and I have been involved in the investment and trading industry for more than 20 years. My professional and academic background reflect my commitment to excelence. As such, I'm very excited to present here here my Introduction to Global Capital Markets course, which combines my 7 years teaching at NYU with the real life practice of managing millions of dollars for global clients at major financial institutions.


    In my course, I guarantee the foundation you need to build your journey into the "Art + Science of Investing and Trading". The course is given with the aim to enable you to become a participant in the globla capital market and to help you decide to invest more time and resources in you.


    Course topics include the history, function and functioning of the Capital Market; fundamental, technical and behaviroal analysis; attitudes, problems and pitfalls of the current investor and much more. The course consists of fiver learning modules, one of which is intended for the application of theory through practice.[1]


    At the end of the course you:

    1. will understand the role and functioning of the global capital market;
    2. will be able to choose better between and when, to participate more actively or not, in your inevitable career as an investor;
    3. will have more control over your investor career during your investment cycle (human and financial capital);
    4. will understand and appreciate the importance and necessity of differences between private, public and social capital;
    5. will be able to choose the financial instruments that best fit your complete investor and speculator profile;
    6. will know how to assess the positive and negative points of investing in financial instruments representing real, financial and digital assets;
    7. will be able to assess the risk and return characteristics of various vehicles and instruments;
    8. will be able to create, analyze, select, implement and monitor investment decisions and strategies and investment themes;
    9. will begin to welcome the investor and speculator who was born in you;
    10. will be able to apply basic investment concepts to your daily life;
    11. will start acting and behave unconsciously as a perfect investor; that is, prudent, intelligent and efficient; 
    12. will be able to manage your own portfolio;
    13. will know how to evaluate your advisors and agents.
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